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Submit Letter to the Editor

The content of letters on the Leader Publications opinion pages does not necessarily represent the editorial position of the paper.
Leader Publications encourages letters to the editor. To be considered, letters must include an address and daytime phone number. All letters should be kept brief (no more than 500 words) and are subject to editing, as well as author verification. Anonymous letters will not be published, nor will letters submitted by a group without an accompanying representative’s name. Email submissions are preferred.

If factual information supporting an opinion is included in a letter, the writer must cite official sources of the information, excluding other publications, since we can’t verify the way in which a publication gathers information or if a correction to the initial information subsequently appeared. Letter writers should be specific when citing sources. A reasonable effort will be made to verify factual information from the sources provided; failing that, letters will either not be printed or the information we are unable to verify will be cut from the letter.

Letter writers should live in either the West Side Leader or South Side News Leader coverage area.

Leader Publications reserves the right to withhold publication of any letter in conflict with the paper’s policy and/or libel laws. Send letters to Leader Publications, 3075 Smith Road, Suite 204, Akron, OH 44333, fax to 330-665-9590 or email to editor@akron.com.